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Guidelines for submission are easy to follow. They’re looking for well-written stories that will make readers want to come back for more. Since Cheryl and Livia  are both authors, as well as wearing publishing hats here at FIRE STAR PRESS, they count on you to be acquainted with the comma and have shaken hands with quotation marks at some point. That is to say, because of time constraints, they are counting on you to know punctuation and grammar…and to also know that it takes more than the basics to write a memorable story.  Submissions need to be 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double spaced, attached as a doc attachment with one inch margins.

They want well-drawn characters, plots that unfold deliciously as you’re telling your story, and endings that take place when the tale is over—not when the word count is up. Pretty simple, huh?

Because of that, FIRE STAR PRESS will be publishing writing projects of all lengths.  Digital format as well as print copies WILL be available for projects that are novel and novella length. Short stories will be available in digital format, only. The exception to that will be short story anthologies that are published by FSP, and those will be available in both formats.

Short stories, novellas and novels will all be available at FSP for readers to enjoy—and for you authors to decide which length best suits each of your writing styles.

This company looks to provide excellent, entertaining stories for adults.

They want authors to be very satisfied with their fair treatment at FIRE STAR PRESS.  Covers, light editing, set up with the distributors,  publicity on their webpage and elsewhere will be provided by FSP.  You will have some input into your editing and your covers. Livia does some fantastic cover art and she is glad to work with you within reason to give you something you truly love.

Royalties.  FIRE STAR PRESS will retain 20% of net royalties. What this means is, the cost of setting up your books at Amazon and other affiliates online, the photos that are bought for your cover, and those kinds of expenses will be recouped first before any royalties are paid. After that, 20% will go to FSP and the rest will go to you. In the case of an anthology, 20% of the net royalties will go to FSP and the remaining 80% will be split equally among the number of contributors.



If you have any questions, please e-mail! 

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